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Custom Vinyl

What is Vinyl? Is it Like the Records?

When we refer to Vinyl we refer to the sheets that come in many shapes, colors, and uses. The one similarity it does have to vinyl is it actually is made of the same PVC material (usually). Vinyl can be printed and cut to be used to create a variety of custom decorations. Whether it be custom stickers and signs to apparel, vinyl just keeps on giving!

Types of Vinyl

There are two basic types of vinyl - adhesive and heat transfer in those two types are many different colors and styles.

Adhesive Vinyl sticks to smooth and hard surfaces is used to make stickers, indoor & outdoor signage, vehicles, windows, etc. As long as the surface is smooth enough it can stick to it. This vinyl comes in all types of styles and types such as glitter, holographic, frosted, carbon fiber, patterns, perforated one-way and many more! It can also be printed directly on to completely customize. Want to try adhesive vinyl for your needs? Give us a shout.

Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV) can be applied to apparel and various fabrics by applying heat to them in the form of an iron or heat press. We use heat transfer to create hats, shirts, blankets, and others. Have something you'd like to get customized with heat transfer vinyl? Let us know.

What Can You Customize with Vinyl?

Custom Apparel - Shirts, Hats, Hoodies, Jackets, Masks, Bags, Blankets, Canvas Shoes, and more!

Custom Stickers - In all Shapes, Colors, and Sizes

Custom Signs - Windows, Vehicles and Walls

Anything that has a smooth surface! (provided the design is clean enough).

Vinyl Cutter

How do you price vinyl?

Our vinyl is priced by its size (height and width) in inches. It also depends on the type of vinyl - printed or not, specialty or basic, and adhesive or heat transfer all go into account when it comes to a vinyl job. If you are looking for a quote - ask us for one!

Contact Us

For Order Inquiries Here's Some Questions We ask Everyone:

• What service are you looking for? (Screenprinting, Vinyl, Embroidery, Design, Fundraising, Something Else, or Multiple Services?)

• How many items are in your order?

• How Many Print Locations and What Size of Print? (Front, Back, Sleeve, etc.)

• How Many Colors in the Design?

• When Do You Need it By?