Who does your graphic design work?

Both Bonnie (the mother cutter) and Daniel (mother's son) are trained and talented graphic designers with very artistic and creative sides. Usually in the creative process of doing a design they will have one to three options for our customers to look at prior to making up their minds.

What kind of branding work do you do?

We work with small businesses to align their artwork, messaging and brand presence to better reach their audiences. Dan (Father Cutter) brings 32 years of business experience in corporate and family restaurants at a VP and COO level and has been a part of multiple successful branding sessions. Daniel (son) has marketing and operations management degrees with a focus on social and creative functions. Between the two you get the best of both worlds. We can do anything from a "tweaking" of your current brand, to a full rebrand, help with marketing campaigns etc. We love to see good people do well in business and can consult as needed to help move your business forward.

Why do you only do screen print orders for 12 or more shirts?

A significant amount of the workload in doing a screen print job is in "burning" the art on the screens. For orders less than 12 we can still do vinyl and get a great look for most simple designs. For some projects like sports teams, we even use a combination with designs and team names in screen print and player names/numbers in vinyl.

How do you determine price quotes?

The cost of your product (shirt, banner, jacket, whatever) goes a long way to determining the price. Other factors include complexity of design, number of colors and number of products ordered. We always try to be competitive but will not sacrifice quality for cost or speed. We will try to let you know options if there is a cheaper shirt alternative etc. in order to hit your budget.

How do you choose the products on your site?                                 I was looking for a different style product?

Our site cannot possibly contain all of the options we can work with. We can literally brand/design ANYTHING for you! If there is a particular shirt, mug, banner or sign you would like let us know we will source it and get you a quote.



How do you support the communities you do business in?

Our favorite subject! As a family we have been blessed with happiness and health. We have also worked to help others wherever we can. One of our favorite charities is Children's Hospital because our nephews both received amazing care there when they were diagnosed with autism and cerebral palsy. We donate all of our Mother Cutter hosted party room money to child based charities, we also get involved locally and collect donations for homeless and others where we can.